Benefits of a clean home

Maintaining a clean and organized home is essential for many reasons. Not only does it help improve your physical health, but it can also positively impact your mental health and overall well-being. Here are some of the benefits of having a clean home: 1. Reduces stress and anxiety A cluttered and messy home can be
As employees return to work, a company’s cleaning and disinfecting plan may require added attention to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Tips to consider. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a new sense of urgency to the role of cleaning and disinfecting business facilities, particularly as more companies slowly resume operations. It’s vital to have

Stain Solutions for Your Carpet

Stain Removal
Red wine, tomato sauce, coffee. Each of these items strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners with carpeted floors. Unfortunately, kids with sticky fingers and pets with messy paws — along with the occasional accident — make spills and stains an inevitable part of life. “Carpet stains can be one of the most frustrating cleaning

Tips for a Clean, Green Home

Green Cleaning
You faithfully separate your paper and plastic recyclables and purchase phosphate-free laundry detergent, but a look at your cleaning cabinet reveals bottles displaying skulls and crossbones. Sure, you know that harsh chemical cleaners aren’t the best for the environment, but how else are you expected to clean your home? Luckily, it’s possible to make your
Kitchen Cleaning
Home cleaning is a catch-all phrase for the general de-clutter and organizational projects that abound when messiness trumps neatness. But in addition to clearing out the garage, don’t forget to change those oft-neglected filters that can harm your health if left unclean. “Humidifier filters, for example, are designed to wick the water and make it
Dry Cleaning at Home
When it comes to delicate fabric and dry-clean-only clothes, washing your favorite items can be quite a hassle. Picking things up from the dry cleaner isn’t always a quick stop, especially if any unexplained marks or stains appear on your clothes. Or, depending on the chemicals used at specific dry cleaners — like perc —
Stress Free Cleaning
For even those who enjoy cleaning it can become stressful on occasion when you have a lot going on. Believe it or not you can easily reduce the weight it may put on your shoulders. A lot of us may tend to wait until the last minute to clean and because of this it may

How to get rid of pet hair for good

Get Rid Of Pet Hair
It’s a given that if you have pets you have pet hair in your home. Luckily there is a lot of steps you can take to limit the amount of hair laying around. If you have hard floor surfaces instead of using a vacuum consider using an electrostatic dust mop or a Swiffer for pet

How to keep your pillows clean

Green Elite Clean Pillows Blog
At Green Elite Clean attention to detail is key and pillows are often a very over looked detail. Did you know our pillows double in weight after about two years from absorbing dust, mold, bacteria, and dead skin? Don’t fret we are here with a few helpful hints on how to keep them fresh and
Many people have the false idea of believing that cleaning their mattress and pillows is a difficult thing to do or just plain impossible! Well the truth is both are indeed quite possible and pretty simple too!  Foam pillows are the only pillow you cannot wash because drying them will cause them to melt! Feel